This wise and amazing body we live in

It’s no news that our body has a remarkable capability to heal itself, however, although this concept is often discussed, in reality we tend to neglect it with our daily actions. We take pills for headache, stomach ache, muscular inflammation, etcetera and etcetera, just to get rid of the symptoms and move on. We rarely […]

Proudly Vegan

“Pour moi le véganisme est une chance, la chance de ressentir, d’être connecté et d’être juste”. Aurelie Kuhn It’s awkward for me not been able to answer when people ask me why I decided to become Vegan. I sincerely don’t know. What happened from the moment I wrote “give a serious try to eat greener” as […]

‘Cause I’m a runner 1

“…running is rooted in our collective imagination, and our imagination is rooted in running … running was the superpower that made us human – which means it’s a superpower all humans possess.” Fragment of Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”  “You look so fresh today despite all, you know, the pressure (at work)” this lady said to […]