Neighbors’ lawn

«Grasping for air» falls short to describe my exertion level that Thursday morning. The air felt so thin it was hard to believe we were at sea level. I was feeling miserable. Even the tiny little bumps on the road were tempting my legs to betray me, and no other part of my body seemed […]

Morning pills

Same time of the day, same running route as usual, same elderly couple taking a walk. They’re approaching towards us, and us towards them. Just as any other day. They walk at a parsimonious pace, with subtle and peaceful gestures, as if they were meant to be there. They have the eyes of those who […]

The day we unite 9

When back in August my wife and I decided to enter the raffle for the 2015 Tokyo Marathon, we knew our chances were extremely low. Every year, applicants are counted by the hundreds of thousands, all hoping to get one of the 36,000 slots. A year before, I applied just to receive an elegant —Thank you […]

Rusted by stillness

I’m writing this words instead of me running on this beautiful Sunday morning. With a torn ligament in my right ankle. An unfortunate fall, some would say; such a moronic slip, to me eyes instead. First time I will miss an event due to an injury. Bye-bye, Singapore marathon. Maybe next year. The tragedy lies […]

Elegance in Motion

During the past few months, I’ve been making my way to run more freely. Even if I have a training plan to follow, if I feel like doing so, I often let my body decide how far to go regardless of the plan. So it’s now common for me to wake up early morning in […]

Running with my other and annoying self

If you, my only reader, are yourself a runner, specially a long distance one, would agree with me that one of non-runners’ most common questions is what we think about while running. I’ve been asked that question many times and I never know what to answer. What do you normally answer? Or better said, what […]

This wise and amazing body we live in

It’s no news that our body has a remarkable capability to heal itself, however, although this concept is often discussed, in reality we tend to neglect it with our daily actions. We take pills for headache, stomach ache, muscular inflammation, etcetera and etcetera, just to get rid of the symptoms and move on. We rarely […]

Shoot for the moon 1

Now that I’m training for my first ultra, I decided to ask a seasoned ultra-runner friend of mine for her single, most important piece of advise about long distance running. Her answer really struck me, I was expecting some ultra-secret and highly technical information but I got instead  just a quite simple statement: