live intensely

Como si sólo viviera una vez 1

Si sólo viviera una vez, pondría más atención al canto de los pájaros. Dejaría de preocuparme por tantas cosas que están fuera de mi control y me ocuparía más en oler el café antes de probarlo. Dormiría menos y asistiría a más amaneceres. Tomaría siempre el camino más largo, disfrutando de cada escena, de cada paisaje.

One lucky running day 1

One day I left my iPod at home and I found myself in silence, in peace, in a world with no endless beat, with no additional stimulation. One day I left my GPS at home and I had no device to be obsessed with, no screen to constantly look at, no beep at every mile, […]

That unbearable fragility 2

Just got the news that an old friend had an accident while riding his bike. A driver under the influence drove against traffic bulldozing directly into the peloton injuring many cyclists including the most severely injured friend of mine. He was in critical condition and although he is stable now he will be paralyzed chest […]