When I retire 4

Retiring from a company you have worked for nearly 40 years of service must be as tough as having a divorce from a life-long and truly loved significant other. 40 years is quite an amount of time. It is the time it takes for an entire generation to be born and grow into middle age. It […]

From cats, broken locks and dear new friends 1

Have you ever shared a pillow with a stranger’s cat?… This was also my case until a couple of months ago. It all started when a friends’ friends offer us to stay overnight at their house in Sacramento. I was surprised and actually even a little bit uncomfortable. How come some total strangers were offering us to […]

‘Cause I’m a runner 1

“…running is rooted in our collective imagination, and our imagination is rooted in running … running was the superpower that made us human – which means it’s a superpower all humans possess.” Fragment of Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”  “You look so fresh today despite all, you know, the pressure (at work)” this lady said to […]

It’s not what you did to him

Many years ago, after realizing my uneasiness that day was because of a friends-related disillusion, my Mom told me “when someone is rude to you either frontally or at your backs it’s probably not about what you did to him but what he did to you”. It took me a while to understand what she […]