Time to step up

Human spirit will never stop surprising us as it has the capability to go beyond our imagination. Examples are all around, but it’s not until it’s closer to us that it truly shakes our deepest threads. On August last year, a cycling mate of mine was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, in […]

Beyond the intellect 5

“This will be a life changing experience”, Delia, the faculty leader, said as I lifted my eyebrow in suspicion; that was such a big statement. It happened during the first day of a seven-week executive program, where twenty-nine colleagues, from all around the world, were gathered together to hone our leadership skills and deepen our knowledge about the company. Up to […]

Graduated with honors 1

There is something magical when it comes to friendship. It strips time its ability to change us. Maybe not on the white hairs or bloated stomachs, but it does let hearts to remain untouched. I stepped yesterday into a real life flashback. Same jokes, same smiles, same spirits. It was just as having had the […]

From cats, broken locks and dear new friends 1

Have you ever shared a pillow with a stranger’s cat?… This was also my case until a couple of months ago. It all started when a friends’ friends offer us to stay overnight at their house in Sacramento. I was surprised and actually even a little bit uncomfortable. How come some total strangers were offering us to […]