Food is not the enemy 2

South Beach, The Zone, DASH, Jenny Craig, Ornish, The Biggest Loser, Weight Watchers, protein only, no carbs, the diet of the moon, carrots and celery, grandma’s soup, the miraculous 7-day program my neighbor told me about, etc., etc., etc. Any of these sounds familiar? All different approaches to tackle the same apparent problem: Food; that […]

Running with my other and annoying self

If you, my only reader, are yourself a runner, specially a long distance one, would agree with me that one of non-runners’ most common questions is what we think about while running. I’ve been asked that question many times and I never know what to answer. What do you normally answer? Or better said, what […]

It’s not what you did to him

Many years ago, after realizing my uneasiness that day was because of a friends-related disillusion, my Mom told me “when someone is rude to you either frontally or at your backs it’s probably not about what you did to him but what he did to you”. It took me a while to understand what she […]