That unbearable fragility 2

Just got the news that an old friend had an accident while riding his bike. A driver under the influence drove against traffic bulldozing directly into the peloton injuring many cyclists including the most severely injured friend of mine. He was in critical condition and although he is stable now he will be paralyzed chest […]

The Essence of Life

I live in a poor country. Need is the rule here and people in general hardly make their ends meet for the day. Making more than the daily theoretical average of 5 dollars is a luxury. Reality is most people live with 2 dollars or less a day. Still, sharing is both a privilege and […]

It’s not what you did to him

Many years ago, after realizing my uneasiness that day was because of a friends-related disillusion, my Mom told me “when someone is rude to you either frontally or at your backs it’s probably not about what you did to him but what he did to you”. It took me a while to understand what she […]