Morning pills

Same time of the day, same running route as usual, same elderly couple taking a walk. They’re approaching towards us, and us towards them. Just as any other day. They walk at a parsimonious pace, with subtle and peaceful gestures, as if they were meant to be there. They have the eyes of those who […]

Signals 7

Last week, I went to my home country to attend some business meetings and I took advantage to pay my mom a one day visit. She’s not been quite well lately, feeling the irremediable effects of age. After almost twenty flight hours and more than twenty-five hours door-to-door, I was finally at her door, ringing […]

Ya no tenemos abuelitas

—¿Ya te mandaron la información que necesitabas?— me preguntó mi esposa esa mañana. —No —le respondí— es que su abuelita ha estado muy enferma. —¿Pues cuántos años tiene tu amigo?— me dijo frunciendo el ceño, como quien escucha algo que parece no tener sentido. —No sé, supongo que más o menos como yo— contesté. —Ay […]