The day we unite 9

When back in August my wife and I decided to enter the raffle for the 2015 Tokyo Marathon, we knew our chances were extremely low. Every year, applicants are counted by the hundreds of thousands, all hoping to get one of the 36,000 slots. A year before, I applied just to receive an elegant —Thank you […]

La Ruta: An unexpected journey into the heart of a nation  1

Time flies when it goes by bike, and even more when riding it in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. As many of the relevant things in modern life do, it all started by typing a sentence in the browser and Googling it. It took just five simple words to end up […]

From cats, broken locks and dear new friends 1

Have you ever shared a pillow with a stranger’s cat?… This was also my case until a couple of months ago. It all started when a friends’ friends offer us to stay overnight at their house in Sacramento. I was surprised and actually even a little bit uncomfortable. How come some total strangers were offering us to […]

Y empieza la aventura en Español

En sus marcas, listos, fuera! Empieza en español. Veamos cómo evoluciona. En español es más complejo ya que no tengo la excusa de que no es mi idioma materno. En español no hay filtro, no hay polarizado. En español soy el que sueña, el que canta en la regadera y el que se ve en el […]