#PH 5

‘PH’: two letters that can bring to our minds a topic from our high school chemistry lessons (quite boring, for sure), a dissertation of Descartes on the existence of the mind, a button at the top of the floor selection panel inside of an elevator.

For me though, those two simple letters represent one of the most profound adventures of my life. That, which started four years ago, making a bold phone call (my wife would say reckless), and that it will never vanish completely from that space in my heart where I carve my dearest memories at.

It is difficult to describe the wholeness of the last four years of my life. I arrived as one and left like another person. As if I buried a part of me somewhere along the shore of the seven thousand islands and reshaped the rest into a more complete, wiser, happier one.

The reason is no other than having lived surrounded by admirably playful and joyful-hearted people, whose resilience to keep the person (and the community) at the center stage forces anyone to see that what matters is, and will always be, in the eyes of the very one we are talking to. From that angle, extending a hand towards the troubled is our natural response; and patience and understanding, if exercised without losing the sense of thriving and continuous self-improvement, are the virtues that help us strive to become a better version of ourselves, more self-confident, more compassionate one.

Today, I close this beautiful chapter to start writing another one, but those pages will always be there, at the reach of my hand during the tough times; when a dose of positivism, and the memory of a readily smile, may come handy.

After all, isn’t it everything more fun over here?

I started by exemplifying what two plain and simply letters can bring to our minds. Rest assured, that for the rest of my life, ‘PH’ will immediately evoke in me the ending part of the email address of all the people that unconditionally opened their hearts to me, and that grabbed, for good, my deepest gratitude, sincerest admiration and fullest respect.





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5 thoughts on “#PH

  • Clay

    Thank you sir for defining for us a clear vision of the future and laying the path to lead us there. You pushed us hard which made us achieve things we never thought possible. You made us better.

  • Jenny F

    You pushed us to our limits, you pushed us to embrace change. Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for the vision.

    Congratulations, best of luck and God bless you and your family!

  • Pinggay

    When I look back to my KOF experience, you definitely will be one of the reasons for making my stay a memorable one. Thank you for believing in me. You will be missed. God bless you on your new journey!

  • Lit

    What a beautiful post, Javy! You and Ber have become really good friends of mine and I’m so happy that I met you both. Your openness to our country and everything it has to offer is certainly refreshing and admirable. I wish you and your family fantastic happiness and success in Argentina and I hope that we’ll someday see each other again.

  • Mica

    I’ll always be grateful for and to you – as my first boss, mentor, and friend in the corporate world. Cheers to a brighter future! ?