#PH 5

‘PH’: two letters that can bring to our minds a topic from our high school chemistry lessons (quite boring, for sure), a dissertation of Descartes on the existence of the mind, a button at the top of the floor selection panel inside of an elevator. For me though, those two simple letters represent one of […]

Cats and dogs and forgotten umbrellas

Was pouring down that night to say the least. And from the bus stop, the street just seamed to be a standstill mass of bright red taillights and irritated fumes.   All the people running late, with shoes and pants and shirts soaked to their very deep threads.   John C. John finally arrived and […]

Food is not the enemy 2

South Beach, The Zone, DASH, Jenny Craig, Ornish, The Biggest Loser, Weight Watchers, protein only, no carbs, the diet of the moon, carrots and celery, grandma’s soup, the miraculous 7-day program my neighbor told me about, etc., etc., etc. Any of these sounds familiar? All different approaches to tackle the same apparent problem: Food; that […]

Neighbors’ lawn

«Grasping for air» falls short to describe my exertion level that Thursday morning. The air felt so thin it was hard to believe we were at sea level. I was feeling miserable. Even the tiny little bumps on the road were tempting my legs to betray me, and no other part of my body seemed […]

Morning pills

Same time of the day, same running route as usual, same elderly couple taking a walk. They’re approaching towards us, and us towards them. Just as any other day. They walk at a parsimonious pace, with subtle and peaceful gestures, as if they were meant to be there. They have the eyes of those who […]

Time to step up

Human spirit will never stop surprising us as it has the capability to go beyond our imagination. Examples are all around, but it’s not until it’s closer to us that it truly shakes our deepest threads. On August last year, a cycling mate of mine was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, in […]

Beyond the intellect 5

“This will be a life changing experience”, Delia, the faculty leader, said as I lifted my eyebrow in suspicion; that was such a big statement. It happened during the first day of a seven-week executive program, where twenty-nine colleagues, from all around the world, were gathered together to hone our leadership skills and deepen our knowledge about the company. Up to […]